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In 2006, the Embassy of the Netherlands invited the ECOFONDO Corporation to present a proposal in order to pursue the AMAZON PROGRAM which, until that moment, had been in charge of the Tropenbos Colombia Foundation. Once the proposal was approved, the Contribution Agreement BOG0091587 was entered into to carry out the program.

Final Results: Sociocultural, environmentaland economic processes in Colombian Amazonia, consolidated by strengthening governance, promotion of sustainable development and improving the quality of life of indigenous populations in the Department of Amazonia, and in farming communities and colonies in the area of influence of the Preservation Zone of La Serranía de La Lindosa, in the Department of Gualviare; through the coordinated work of CODEBA, ACATISEMA, CINDAP and ECOFONDO.

The program included the combined work of 3 projects in three defined transversal areas, which were:

  • Governability
  • Land Management
  • Sustainable Productio

The organizations and projects were:

  • Corporation for the Protection of Amazonian Biodiversity, CODEBA. Accompaniment and strengthening of thought processes and collective decision-making about life plans, land management and governance of native peoples in the department of Amazonas, Peru.
  • Corporation for Agricultural Investigation and Development, CINDAP. Creation of a social, institutional and technological processes to strengthen and direct the power of discussion and coordination, decision-making and joint, coordinated and complementary action for conservation, regeneration and sustainable management of the preservation zone of Serranía de la Lindosa and its buffer zone, in the town of San José del Guaviare, in the department of Guaviare, Colombian Amazonia.
  • Association of Councils and Traditional Indigenous Authorities, ACATISEMA. Organizational strengthening of the AATI ACATISEMA, consolidating it as a touchstone in the land management process of the Unified Safeguard of the Matavén Jungle. 

Duration: December 1, 2006 - January 31, 2009

Geographic Coverage: The actions were developed in: Vichada (Matavén Rainforest); Guavire (Municipality of San José de Guaviare); Amazonas (Amazon Trapezoid).

Results by Areas.

Regarding GOVERNABILITY, the Amazon Programhad an effective impact on this through qualifyingimplementing organizations’ organizational abilities in workplaces andthrough restoringgood governance in the indigenous communities of the Amazons, organized in 7 specific associations, with which five indigenous life plans were developed, as frameworks of autonomous self-development.This process was synthesized with the creation of the Mandate of the Summit of Indigenous Elders of the Amazon Region, in the Ticoya Safeguard, in Puerto Narino. Similarly, the Amazon Program supported building and positioning aco-management figureheadin the protected area of Serranía de La Lindosa, in Guaviare, through the work of CINDAP, in support of the local organization, CORPOLINDOSA. Equally, with the program’s support, ACATISEMA moved forward with autonomous management of economic resources from the general participation system for indigenous reserves in the Vichada; prior legal process took place before Colombia’s Constitutional Court.

In terms of LAND MANAGEMENT, the Amazon Program’s contribution was significant in terms of clarification, border demarcation, sanitation and knowledge of the indigenous shelters in the Amazonia, in the framework of CODEBA;  zoning of the area of the municipality of San José of Guaviare, corresponding to the rocky outcrop and its buffer zone in the ZPSLL: and the biological characterization of some strategic ecosystems of the Forest of Matavén, moved forward by ACATISEMA with the science contest of the Alexander Von Humboldt Institute for Biological Research.

The SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION component of the Amazon Programhas positively impacted upon many different aspects. It boosted economic recovery for farmers and community initiatives such as ecotourism, storage centers and product distribution in the Amazon,in addition to successful conversion process of Guivaiare’s farming systems, through multiple agroecological production systems, which contributed to the recovery of biodiversity and agro-diversity, and to the food security of the population, including processes of transformation and commercialization, in which local and regional organizations were supported, as well as ecotourism initiatives. Start-up projects in support of local production and community self-sufficiency went ahead in indigenous communities which were associated with ACATISEMA.

Some results are found in the attached document. 

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