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General Assembly

The General Assembly is ECOFONDO's highest level of decision-making and is formed by the meeting of legal representatives and/or the duly appointed proxies of the founding and associate members of ECOFONDO who are able to attend the meeting.

The General Assembly is currently comprised of 20 organizations.

Regional Assemblies

The Regional Assembly is the highest level of decision-making and participation at the regional level. Its composition is supported by the organizational, topical, political, biogeographical, and territorial dynamics that enable the formation and action of ECOFONDO's partner organizations in a democratic, operational, and influential manner in environmental management at the local and regional levels.

The Regional Assemblies are made up of a minimum of three organizations.

Regional Councils

Each of the Regional Assemblies have a Regional Council composed of leading members and their respective alternates elected by the organizations belonging to the respective Regional Assembly.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the corporation’s body of management and policy coordination. It is composed of one delegate from each Regional Assembly member of the non-governmental organizations belonging to ECOFONDO. Such persons and their respective alternates are selected by the member organizations in their respective Regional Assembly.

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