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Guiding Values and Principles of Institutional Action for ECOFONDO

as the Organization of Environmental and Social Organizations in Colombia

ECOFONDO is an Organization of natural persons and organizations leading a democratic and participatory space for environmental management, strengthening the processes of territorial environmental sustainability, organizational strengthening, and public policy outreach. We are a pluralistic organization that enables taking part in many ways to live in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Our Aspirations and Dreams

We aspire to achieve a society based on democracy and environmental, social, and gender fairness. We unite to contribute to the transformation of society based on the values of empowerment and environmental sustainability. We fight for a society committed to the defense of a policy that provides current needs and that defends the sustainable use of natural resources to guarantee the quality of life for our people by rethinking human needs and recognizing that no democracy without equality between men and women is possible.

A society open to artistic and cultural creation, technological innovation to guarantee quality of life for its people, and conservation and sustainable use of its biodiversity.

A democratic society that enables the emancipation of new generations and the autonomy of seniors; that supports future generations and guarantees personal liberties, respect for diversity, and pluralism.

We recognize the wisdom of our indigenous, Afro-descendant, and rural communities as caretakers of the land and its resources and we strive for a multicultural and multiethnic society across a diverse and habitable region.

We recognize that the inequalities generated by dominant models of production and consumption based on the exploitation of nature and human labor add to inequalities from the sexual division of labor, differences of sex, age, orientation or sexual preference, ethnic group, nationality, and ideology deny or limit the effectiveness of human rights and establish practical differences between citizens.

We also recognize that climate change is an expression of the crisis from this model of production and trade that is dependent on fossil fuels and that promotes exaggerated and absurd levels of consumption. We are part of the grassroots initiatives to strengthen a global movement for climate justice. The very contradictions from the dynamics of the production model and hegemonic life can only be overcome in the struggle for a just, democratic, and sustainable society to which we can contribute through national action by ECOFONDO based on the following principles and commitments:

Principles and commitments

  • Defending economic, social, cultural, environmental, civil and political rights. Fighting for the right to work, adequate employment, and obtaining welfare and social guarantees. There is no genuine democracy if there is no guarantee to the access of work, education, housing, a healthy environment, healthcare, and individual and collective rights.

  • Defending the environment, our biodiversity, and natural processes that sustain life for our people.

  • Strengthening women's and feminist movements. Recognizing and incorporating as core values the transformations experienced by humanity in recent times caused by social movements of women and feminism in the realms of work, language, policies and how to form them, defending and expanding these achievements, and advocating for gender justice, and equality in opportunities for recognition based on one's own values and activities from their identity and autonomy.

  • Defending sovereignty and national independence. Working to make Colombia a sovereign country that is unified with the world in a cooperative and harmonious relationship to maintain peace and transform current unjust international relations and thereby advocate the transformation of international institutions into democratic systems of decision-making that actually obey the needs of the people and the global environment.

  • Advocating for autonomous regions that are joined together by bioregions and contributing to expand the country's administrative policy of decentralization ensuring greater authority, powers, and funding to departments, provinces and municipalities.

  • Fighting for sustainable cities and regions. Envisioning towns, cities, and regions for the people – for children, young people, adults, and the elderly – who are democratically inclusive when they can have creativity in the workplace, time for leisure, cultural creation, and communication with the globalized world through local identities. Promoting self-management from the cadence of our territories and cultures, from our diverse ecosystem, and from our diverse economies.

  • Promoting the use of alternative energy sources and promoting the social appropriation of technologies suitable for our cultural and natural diversity.

  • Defending the territories of indigenous and black communities. Supporting the processes of territorial autonomy of indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities.

  • Defending food sovereignty and the fight for comprehensive agrarian reform. Supporting and striving to strengthen the processes of rural land workers' organization and mobilization and advocating for comprehensive agrarian reform that contributes to our food sovereignty carried out with standards of environmental sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and its sustainable use by the communities.

  • Contributing to the campaign for peace in Colombia. By the principle and focus of non-violence and practice of antimilitarism, advocating for a negotiated solution to the armed conflict and taking on the tradition of peaceful resistance developed by indigenous peoples, women's social movements, and communities who reject war and violence through collective action.

  • Defending water as a common and public good and as a fundamental human right and fighting to conserve ecosystems essential to the hydrological cycle and against the privatization of drinking water and basic sanitation service which should only be provided by the State and organized non-profit community.

  • Promoting cooperative economic and technological relationships based on mutual respect, horizontality, autonomy, and international solidarity.

A society that is fair and at peace with nature should encourage cooperation in diversity and peaceful conflict resolution. Peace, non-violence, and solidarity are indispensable instruments to deal with the serious problems of our time, rejecting any form of xenophobia, intolerance, and racism.All these commitments are part of our way to confront the climate crisis and together with the people and social movements we become participants in the construction and expansion of the "People's Agreement" reached at the Cochabamba Summit that we use as our framework for action and work within the Conference of the Parties at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-16), and beyond this, taking on commitments arising from the movement for climate justice that will meet also in Cancun.

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