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ECOFONDO is an Organization of autonomous, decentralized environmental organizations with gender equality that guides an alternative environmental policy as part of the social movement. ECOFONDO is made up of social, non-governmental, community-based organizations with indigenous peoples and people of African descent.

ECOFONDO is designed as a participatory and democratic space to impact politics and environmental management by: advocating through public policies; promoting reflection and political action on environmental issues; empowering social movements and organizations; and recognizing ecological and cultural diversity throughout the country.

ECOFONDO acts at local, regional, and national levels with international outreach.

Its working approach is participatory environmental management understood as action striving to affect environmental issues and their structural causes; empowering male and female social actors in the pursuit of gender equality and social and environmental justice.

The principles governing the action of ECOFONDO are pluralism, multiculturalism, gender and generational equality; sovereignty, autonomy, respect, and solidarity; creativity and the playfulness; as well as transparency, decentralization and cooperation.

In 2016, ECOFONDO is an Organization of consolidated environmental organizations positioned as an organizational and institutional leader in participatory management supporting alternative environmental processes, gaining regional and national attention by taking action in local happenings, and influencing public policy.

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